Rasmus Kallas

Tech, music get my attention.
I break so I could fix.. wait for others to break it.. and fix it again.
I take security and privacy very seriously.

If you want this person to use PGP please ask. Setting it properly and aesthetically up requieres more time than setting up some yubikeys. You may also remind, that this site does not have responsive design.

[email protected] [email protected]


I endorce and contribute to:

20khz 20syl & AllttA Andrew Huang Arduino Carlgo11 Cleveron Computerphile Deluge Dessant Docker Droeloe Duplicati Elisa Fedora Flameshot FruitXpress Gnome Guake GIMP ItsFoss KeePassX Laptopid LHV LiberaPay LibreOffice Matrix Migadu Montonio Mozilla OBS OpenStreetMap Pelmen Peek RainLoop rclone RealFaviconGenerator Red Hat RedMeansRecording Standard Notes Sum Of All Parts Tom Scott Tor Traefik Ubuntu Vertasium VSCodium W3 Wikimedia Wintergatan x2go